Practice Areas

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Biancamano & Di Stefano, P.C. is recognized as a leader in all aspects of litigation. This experience has been achieved by representing a diverse client base in almost every industry, ranging from multi-national Fortune 500 companies, to local businesses, to individuals, to governmental agencies. Our litigation attorneys have extensive experience and expertise in representing clients in both the New Jersey State and Federal Court systems, as well as in dispute resolution situations, such as arbitration and mediation proceedings. The ability of Biancamano & Di Stefano, P.C.'s attorneys to litigate skillfully, effectively and efficiently is a fundamental aspect of our firm's practice.

We have successfully represented insurance carriers, their insureds, self-insureds and private clients in many areas of the law. The litigation matters which we handle range from the most complex, complicated and multi-party litigation, to the relatively simpler lawsuits. We litigate cases before juries, judges and administrative agencies.

Our objective is to provide the highest quality legal representation for all aspects of a litigated case in a cost effective and expeditious manner. We take pride in aggressively defending our clients' interests.