Practice Areas

Biancamano & Di Stefano P.C. specializes in the following practice areas. Click on a practice area for more information.

Insurance Coverage

Biancamano & Di Stefano, P.C.'s attorneys provide many different insurance company clients with objective interpretation of a wide variety of insurance contracts. We provide our clients with sound advice regarding the rights and obligations of the respective parties to insurance contracts. We issue coverage opinions to assist our clients in resolving claims in accordance with the contractual language of the insurance policy and the law. In the event that litigation is inevitable, we vigorously defend our client's position. In addition to defending coverage claims, our attorneys are experienced in taking a proactive posture by filing and successfully prosecuting declaratory judgment actions, seeking to void or modify coverage terms based upon misrepresentations and other wrongful acts by policyholders and applicants.

Our attorneys are experienced in a broad range of complex insurance matters, including first-party and third-party coverage analysis and litigation, bad faith and excess monitoring. Our attorneys have reviewed and handled claims associated with a wide range of insurance policies, including directors and officers, errors and omissions, surety and performance, employment practices liability and commercial property and automotive.