Practice Areas

Biancamano & Di Stefano P.C. specializes in the following practice areas. Click on a practice area for more information.

General Liability

Biancamano & Di Stefano, P.C.'s attorneys handle a wide range of general liability matters, including premises liability, automobile negligence, property damage, liquor liability/dram shop, defamation/liable, mass tort actions and property damage claims. We diligently evaluate cases at an early stage so that efforts can be made to apprise clients of the likelihood of success, or to the contrary, the potential exposure. We represent a variety of large corporations, small businesses, insurance carriers and self insured entities in defending lawsuits.

Based upon our wide range of experience, aggressive reputation and record of success, we maintain a diverse base of clients who rely upon us in their high stakes and low stakes cases. We are sensitive to our clients' needs and understand the impact that any legal case has on our clients' financial and emotional well-being. Our attorneys have considerable experience in successfully collaborating with our clients to effectuate a successful, efficient and cost-effective voluntary resolution or trial outcome.

We are accomplished trial attorneys and appellate advocates who have the knowledge and experience to defend our clients' cases to the end. We also have vast experience with alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration, for those cases which lend themselves to such processes.